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5 Best Wine Podcasts of 2022


If you are passionate about anything, odds are there’s a podcast that discusses it. This is especially the case if you’re passionate about wine and learning as much as you can about one of the world’s oldest and most cherished fermented drinks. 

But if we’re being honest, just because a podcast is available for public consumption does not mean that it is automatically a podcast that’s worthwhile to listen to. That’s why we have scoured the Internet’s airwaves to find the five best wine podcasts for you to add to your listening library. Here’s our picks for the best wine podcasts of 2022 (in no particular order).

I’ll Drink to That!

Hosted by former sommelier, Levi Dalton, the I’ll Drink to That! podcast takes listeners behind the scenes and into the lives of famous and knowledgeable wine personalities. In every episode, Dalton interviews industry experts and gets them to talk candidly about their work and lives. With nearly 500 episodes at the time of this writing, this podcast is one of the most consistently uploaded, so there’s no shortage of engaging and informative content for the listener to enjoy. 

Wine Blast

The Wine Blast podcast was started in 2020 by married couple Susie and Peter but it swiftly became a Top-10 podcast in the US and the UK, even hitting number one in many territories around the world. And it’s no wonder the show works; both Susie and Peter are TV and radio presenters, event hosts, writers, columnists, authors, and consultants, so they know how to hold a compelling conversation. Wine Blast is a show that has something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a burgeoning wine enthusiast, a seasoned sommelier, or someone just looking for a great conversation and some laughs.

Wine for Normal People

The Wine for Normal People podcast has been educating listeners about the finer points of wine on a weekly basis since 2011. With over 400 episodes under her belt, host Elizabeth Schneider describes her podcast as being “for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it.” Whether you want to learn about the history of winemaking in Sicily or hear an interview with a noted restauranteur about their thoughts on pairing wine and food, this podcast has it.

Swirl Suite

Swirl Suite is a fun and engaging podcast that covers a wide variety of wine topics with industry pros from a point of view that is too often ignored, that of people of color. Hosted by Sarita, Tanisha, Leslie, and Glynis, Swirl Suite earns its spot as one of the best wine podcasts because it discusses the wine industry with equal parts style, substance, and humor, and highlights what’s involved in working in the wine industry and living in wine. Whether you are a wine novice or expert, you will find this podcast never fails to entertain, inform, and enlighten.  


If you loved the trilogy of SOMM documentaries or SOMM TV, then you’re going to find the SOMM TV podcast to be a perfect extension of those experiences. Hosted by Jason Wise, this podcast covers a broad range of topics, mostly centering around wine, food, and life. New episodes are released weekly and run between 45 minutes and an hour long. 

Ready to take your love of wine to the next level? Add the above five podcasts into your listening rotation and you’ll be able to access a wealth of information about your favorite subject any time and from anywhere.

perfect for friends
and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!

perfect for friends and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!