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What is wineUdesign?
wineUdesign is the first licensed winery ever in Nassau County of Long Island, NY. We love making wine with groups of friends, family and neighbors who are looking to gather in a fun environment and enjoy the age old tradition of making wine. wineUdesign is a an interactive winery that provides a unique hands-on experience. Best enjoyed with the ones you love.
Where is wineUdesign located exactly?
Searching for wineUdesign (all one word) on your favorite GPS or location app will bring you right to our door.

Our street address is:
156 Engineers Drive
Hicksville, NY 11801

Engineers Drive can be found just South of where South Oyster Bay Rd. meets Route 107.
See you there!

How does the 4 Step winemaking process work?
The first 2 visits to wineUdesign are scheduled during the Grape harvest seasons available in either Fall (Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere). Your grapes will arrive to the Winery by climate controlled transportation and you will come to operate our Grape Crusher within 72 hours of arrival. Your 2nd visit is exactly 1 week later when you will see our wine press in action. At this time,you will taste your very young wine before we get it into a sealed barrel or tank to get ready for aging and clarification.

We will invite you back to the winery after approximately 5 months to taste your wine directly from the barrel. It’s a simple visit without any mechanical equipment or physical labor required from you.

Then just 5 or 6 more months of aging in barrel and we’ll be ready for you to come bottle your wine and take it home. You will have the opportunity to make your own personalized labels for your allocation of bottles and you will take those home with your wine to apply to the bottles at your own pace.

Take home and enjoy for years to come.

What about the Labels?
One of the best parts of making wine is deciding how to name your tasty vintage. wineUdesign offers many labels for you to provide your own name and words to personalize the label. These are available to all our winemakers at no additional cost.

For an extra cost, you can fully customize and design your own labels at this link below.

That’s a third-party business and we trust them to do business directly with you.

How much wine does a barrel make?
The majority of our wines are made in 200L American Oak barrels. Those will produce 240 bottles (20 cases). There are some special projects and premium style wines that we offer in French Oak barrels. Those are slightly bigger and can produce over 270 bottles. Our Private Barrel groups are in full control of how those cases are split up amongst the group.
How many people should I make wine with?
You can join our Community Barrel with just 2 people and make up to 3 cases of wine. Great experience without committing to 20 cases.

Our Private Barrel groups are limited to 10 people per barrel. We think the ideal group size is 4 or 5 people or couples. For the amount of effort to organize this experience and the amount of time your wine will age, we expect you will want at least 4 cases of your wine to enjoy over the lifetime of the wine which is meant to be aged for as much as 5-6 years given the small amount of sulfites we introduce to the wine while it’s in our possession.

What is the cost to make my own wine?
Most of our tasty wines can be made in the $16 – $24 per bottle range. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our access to fruit from a range of premium vineyards in California. With a French Oak barrel and extended aging, these bottles can be had for under $40/bottle.
Where do these grapes come from? Why?

wineUdesign is a Winery, not a Vineyard. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to solidify great relationships with vineyards in California primarily, but also Chile & South Africa. The ability to pick and choose from many vineyards on multiple continents allows us an advantage that many fixed winery/vineyard operations do not enjoy. We can follow Mother Nature to pieces of property where she has been most generous and grab a small sliver of their sunshine to give us a winemaking advantage that very few operations can hang their hat on. Come taste the difference!

When can I start making my wine?
Grapes from Chile and South Africa arrive every April/May and grapes from the West Coast arrive from September through October. Contact us at [email protected] to have the current offering, price list and winemaking schedule sent to you.
Can I sell this wine?
For most of you, No. Restaurants can engage with us to make a private label wine and those who have a Wholesalers license with the proper State Authorities can engage with us in Custom Crush projects. These licenses can take quite a bit of effort to get. We are not attorneys, so please consult with someone you trust.
Can I just buy wine and not do any winemaking…And save myself a year?
Absolutely. Please visit our online shop to see what varietals and vintages are on sale. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.
Do you ship wine? And can I personalize those labels?
Yes, we ship to the 39 States listed on our shop page.
And yes, our labels allow for a considerable amount of white space for you to include a personal message to someone. Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and Thanks for your Business are some of the most popular messages placed on bottles. Feel free to get creative, there is more space than that.
So Interesting, what else do you guys do?
Wow, thanks for asking.

We also feature interactive cooking classes inside the barrel room of wineUdesign. Check out the class offering and schedule at

We’ve partnered with an amazing charcuterie board business who makes the most beautiful grazing boards we’ve ever seen. Check out Graze A Glass at their Instagram page to make orders for your winemaking visits or for your own events. Go to @grazeaglass on Instagram for details and to order!

And for those of you in a position to entertain clients or the supporters of a charitable organization through a virtual event, we also enjoy the Virtual Wine & Chocolate Tasting series we developed during Covid19 to help people gather online and maintain those hard to reach relationships. Please reach out for details!