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Wine Grapes for Sale in Long Island, New York

Great wine starts with high quality grapes. At wineUdesign, we use only the freshest and most flavorful varieties of grapes in our personalized, interactive winemaking experience, so you’re guaranteed to leave our program with a delicious vintage of your own making.

Since so many of our customers fall in love with the winemaking process during their time at our winery, it’s not uncommon for many to want to continue pursuing their newfound passion at home. So, for the home winemaker, we now offer wine grapes for sale as well as juice buckets.

Buy Wine Grapes

When you buy wine grapes directly from wineUdesign, it is always recommended to call our winery first to inquire about varietal, quantities, and prices because these things can vary depending on the growing season and harvest. It’s also important to know that we offer wine making grapes for sale twice a year, first during our May winemaking activities and then during our September and October activities. The reason for this is because grapes are a seasonal product, and we want our winemakers to have access to the freshest grapes possible as they come directly from our partner vineyards. We pick from Chile in the May and mostly from California during the September/October season. Juice buckets are available from Italy in October, as well as our other locations.

Winemaking Grapes for Sale

The wine grapes for sale at wineUdesign are only available for local pickup only. We do not ship our grapes for both logistical reasons and freshness concerns. If you live in the Long Island area and want to buy wine grapes, so you can pursue your winemaking passions, then call us today at 516-939-9463.

With the knowledge you gained by attending our winemaking classes and our juicy, full-bodied grapes, your home winemaking will no doubt produce a delicious vintage reminiscent of the wine you created in our interactive program.

perfect for friends
and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!

perfect for friends and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!