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Winemaking might seem like a painstaking and timely process, but once you learn the truth behind the winemaking process, you won’t believe how fun and easy it really is. At wineUdesign, we offer you the incredible opportunity to learn how to make wine from start to finish.

In our program, you get to choose the grape varieties you want to include in your custom wine and crush and press them. Then, a week later, you return to push the fermented mix through our press and into your private barrel where your wine will age for a few months. Next, you will return to rack your wine and taste it to check on its progress. Lastly, you will return once again to fill and cork your own bottles. You will even create your own personal label for your signature blend.

It takes about ten months for your wine to reach optimum maturity. By the end of the program, you will not only have had a memorable time, you’ll also walk away with 240 bottles of your own personal vintage to share with those you love.

Learn How to Make Wine With Your Friends and Family

Our winemaking classes are best when shared with family and friends. This is a fully immersive, hands-on class that takes you through the winemaking process step by step. You and your guests will receive expert instruction from our very own world-class winemakers, so you can rest assured that your personalized wine will be everything you ever wanted it to be and more. Enroll today and enjoy a comprehensive program filled with lively conversation, compelling education, delicious wine tasting, and engaging winemaking activities.

After attending our winemaking program, you will have earned the knowledge and skills necessary for making wine in the comfort of your own home, so you can restock your signature vintage whenever you want. Or, if you’re lacking the equipment to make wine at home, you can always return to wineUdesign and repeat the winemaking process with us, so your next vintage will be sure to taste as great as your first.

Ready to learn how to make wine like the masters? Just call us today at 516-939-WINE (9463) or contact us to schedule your class. Classes are available only during the grape crushing seasons, which occur twice a year from September to October and from April to May, so don’t miss your opportunity – enroll now!

perfect for friends
and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!

perfect for friends and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!