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Wine Blending Classes

Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends, or to make new ones? Enrolling in wineUdesign’s wine classes in Long Island, NY introduces you to the world of winemaking with a hand-on experience unlike any other.

Our wine classes are designed to not only help you learn more about your favorite fermented drink, but we also provide you with everything you need to blend your own custom wine blends. During your wine blending class, you and your guests will sit at your own table, where you will be provided several bottles of wine, glasses, stirrers, and other tools and resources.

Over the course of the evening, you will discover how adding even a small amount of a certain wine to your blend can impact its flavor profile and finish. It’s a fun and delicious way to gain a better understanding of how different wines accentuate each other’s attributes.

At wineUdesign, we offer a number of different wine blending classes to choose from, including:

  • California Cabernet Blending Classes
  • Italian Varietals Blending Classes
  • Chilean Wine Blending Classes

Benefit of Taking Wine Blending Classes

The beautiful thing about wine is that no two wines are ever exactly the same. There are always minute differences between vintages that can be caused by things like altered growing patterns, soil and climate changes, ripeness at the time of picking, fermentation, and more. These subtle variations are part of what makes wine such a complex and mysterious drink.

But as good as a wine from a single grape varietal can be, modern winemakers understand that by blending different wine varietals to create a composite can produce an even better tasting wine than any of the wines are separately on their own. Blending wines from different varieties, different regions, and different vintages adds more complexity and helps achieve greater overall balance.

By taking one of the wine blending classes at wineUdesign’s Long Island winery, you will not only have a great time, but you will also gain a deeper insight into how different wines play off each other, so you can have greater success in blending your wine collection at home.

Become a Master Wine Blender – Enroll in Wine Blending Classes Today!

Ready to take the first step on your journey to becoming an accomplished wine blender? Just call wineUdesign today at 516-939-WINE (9463) or contact us to schedule your class. An engaging evening of great conversation and tasting interesting wine blends awaits.