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Wine Pressing

Wine pressing is one of the most integral parts of the winemaking process because this is where the juice is extracted from the grapes. Historically, grape pressing involved physically stepping on grape clusters in large wooden tubs to release their juices, but today more modern and efficient means are used.

Today’s wineries rely on a variety of different means for separating the juice from the berry, but at wineUdesign, we employ a highly efficient basket and bladder system for a few specific reasons. This unique system not only ensures that every drop of liquid is squeezed from the grape and utilized in the winemaking process, but it is also gentler on the must, which allows it to produce a higher quality press. It’s a difference you can actually taste.

Grape Pressing Process

The grape pressing process at wineUdesign winery begins with your choice of grape clusters being placed in a wooden basket press or stainless-steel press. Once the grapes are in the basket, a soft bladder membrane is filled with either air or water to create pressure on the batch.

The pressurized bladder squeezes the grape from the inside out in an even fashion. The basket and bladder system works under carefully controlled pressure to ensure that all the grapes receive equal pressing. When the juice is released from the grapes, it flows out of the perforations in the cylinder where it is collected for the next step in the winemaking process.

Are you interested in wine pressing and creating your own custom vintage to share with your friends and family? Enroll in a wine making course at wineUdesign today and enjoy having complete creative control over your own personal wine, from choosing the grapes to creating your own signature label. It’s an experience you will never forget and one you can relive every time you crack open a new bottle of your personalized wine.

perfect for friends
and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!

perfect for friends and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!