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Personalized Wine Bottles

wine labels
History tells us that wine has long been the liquid of choice to be shared during special events and cherished celebrations. And it’s no wonder; the treasured liquid ages for months or even years before it is ready to be enjoyed. But if there is one thing that can make a wine even more appropriate for a special event in your life, it’s sharing a wine of your very own making from a bottle bearing your own personalized wine label.

At wineUdesign, we provide you with the incredible opportunity to not only learn how to make great tasting wine, but also to create your own custom label to be applied to your bottles. By the end of your wine making journey at the wineUdesign winery, you will walk away with 240 custom wine bottles filled with our unique vintage and sporting your beautifully designed label.

Custom Wine Labels for Your Bottle

Creating your own wine and personalized bottle labels is an experience that you will cherish forever and look back on fondly every time you crack open a new bottle for your guests. You will be overcome with pride every time someone asks to see your personalized wine bottle or praise you for your impressive wine making skills.

With 240 bottles of your own personal vintage, your bottles will make for the perfect gift idea for the holiday season or to celebrate someone’s big achievement. No matter the use, your recipients will love and appreciate your gift because it’s so deeply personal. After all, you created your wine, by hand.

If you are interested in personalized wine bottling near me in the Long Island area, then enroll in an upcoming wine making class at wineUdesign. Just call us today at 516-939-WINE (9463) or contact us online to learn more about our wine making classes in Long Island.

perfect for friends
and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!

perfect for friends and family

1 barrel makes 240 bottles!